Lunar New Year sale! Store wide $40 off!

Hello folks,

We just launched our biggest sale ever, $40 off per time during Lunar New Year holiday (Chinese New Year). This discount applied to all units (excludes the upgrade pack). Please take this rare opportunity and kung hei fat choi to all my dear customers!

Maverick Audio

D2 review from Hungary

I  just received a very good review of D2 DAC from one customer in Hungary.  I would like to share it:


Dear Maverick Audio,
I just wanted to let you now how I’m satisfied with the d2 dac(w.opa627). I did not find relevant information from better sounding systems, but I suspected that for this price it’s a really good deal. I have a Jadis orchestra reference running with Audiostatic esh-50, with vdh cables, and I’m mainly analog orientated. I felt like giving a chance to the digital, for a reasonable price (those overpriced cd players doesn’t worth the fuss,or only if money doesn’t count, cheap cds are far from the analog)

I bought a popcorn c200 mediaplayer with a built in display, and first I hooked my old harman /kardon hd970 cd as a dac(same ad1955) on it, it was nothing special. I thougth to try a new dac, without paying a lo of money, but of course wanted something good. I’m really happy that I chose the dacmagic, because after 1 week of burning in it’s amazing.
Maybe there are some good competitors, but the rest are miles away.

The tube output is far superior to the solid state only (actually the tube does good work in impedance matching). Excellent spacing and resolution, the sound has the same energy that I always liked in analog,lack of harshness, smooth firm dynamics, powerful guitar amps, orchestra filling the room, sound that I never heard at this audio price range. With some good 24/96 recordings (blue coast collection eg.) it’s getting really close to analog, and with the static speakers it’s absolutely 3d lifelike. It really lived up to the demands of my system, and fought a well deserved place in it.

Some remarks to the usage: SPDIF (coax and optical both) are LOSSY, no error correction! this is why you have to use good cables, and really good cables, not the one your facebook friend advised. If you feed your dac with crap it will give you crap.

Finally what the main power of this dac is I think is it’s quality and price. This is the place where europe and US can’t compete, nowadays you in china have everything: the knowledge and the resources both, this is why you can manufacture it alone at a good price even in high quality. By the others they are importing everything and after that they even demand their huge profit , but the value is lost way before. Everything is expensive and has no value. I think for you this is the way, there is a huge demand for quality even in this price range, use your resources.

Yours faithfully:
Mihály Aradi

OPA-627 OpAmp upgrades now avaible for D1 and D2 DAC

“Why don’t you guys offer OpAmp (operational Amplifier) upgrade?”  That’s probably one of the  most popular requests from our customers.  So after a lot testing and comparing, we finally chose BurrBrown OPA627 single OpAmp as our OpAmp upgrade offer.

OPA627  is an incredible OpAmp and it will give  you a huge boost in the clarity and detail of the music.  You will notice the difference as soon as it is placed in your unit.

OPA627 is a single OpAmp, that means we need to solder two OPA627’s on a small PCB board in order to put it into the dual OpAmp socket of the D1 and D2. D1 uses two dual OpAmp’s ( 4 OPA 627’s) and D2 uses three dual OpAmp’s ( that’s 6 OPA 627’s). All the OpA 627’s in one unit will be carefully matched to ensure the maximum balance and sound performance.

I would recommend this upgrade to anyone in a heartbeat.

We start to take TubeMagic D2 DAC pre-order

Finally, our long-awaitedTubeMagic D2 is almost ready! We just started to take pre-orders. Anyone who order now will get a free NOS GE 5670 tube upgrade!

Detail about the D2 can be found on our web site.

Status update

Hello all Maverick Audio fans,

I haven’t updated this blog for a long time. I know a lot of people are wondering how is Maverick Audio doing.  Frankly, we have been busy with testing and designing our new products. The good news is, we will have one new product to be announced really soon, they are all designed with our own philosophy and priced very reasonable. One product will be announced during Oct, and the other will be ready on Nov.  So stay tuned….

I would like to thank to everyone who supported us by either purchasing our product or providing very valuable comments. You guys are the best!

Cheers and best regards,

Maverick Audio

Merry Christmas to every one!

I just want to thank to everyone who support and help us in the last year. I wish you a very merry Christmas and Gong Hey Fat Choy for the upcoming 2011.

Stay tuned for more exciting new products from us in 2011!

Ryan Ping
Maverick Audio

Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier is in stock now!

We have managed to get limited quantity of TubeMagic A1 Hybrid Amp in stock now.  If you place order right now, you can expect order to be shipped within 48 hours.

All pre-order orders has been shipped in the last few days. Pre-order customers can expect your unit to be delivered within next week.  Thanks a bunch for all people who ordered A1 or helped us to launched this great little audio gear.

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