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D2 review from Hungary

I  just received a very good review of D2 DAC from one customer in Hungary.  I would like to share it:
Dear Maverick Audio,
I just wanted to let you now how I’m satisfied with the d2 dac(w.opa627). I did not find relevant information from better sounding systems, but I suspected that for this price it’s a [...]

We start to take TubeMagic D2 DAC pre-order

We start to take TubeMagic D2 DAC pre-order

Finally, our long-awaitedTubeMagic D2 is almost ready! We just started to take pre-orders. Anyone who order now will get a free NOS GE 5670 tube upgrade!
Detail about the D2 can be found on our web site.

Our next product

What’s Maverick Audio’s next product? I have been asked with this question a lot times. Here I am going to give you guys some “inside” information.
Our next product will be a mini hybrid amplifier.
- It has the same form factor as our D1 DAC.
- Yes it has a pure tube headphone amplifier output stage.
- It [...]

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