Our next product

What’s Maverick Audio’s next product? I have been asked with this question a lot times. Here I am going to give you guys some “inside” information.

Our next product will be a mini hybrid amplifier.

- It has the same form factor as our D1 DAC.

- Yes it has a pure tube headphone amplifier output stage.

- It is also a power amplifier which has 30 watt x 2 real output power. Which will be enough for a lot high impedance bookshelf speakers.

- Yes it can be used as standalone or with our D1 DAC.

- Like our D1, we use all real audio grade stuff in this mini amplifier, R-core transformer, audio grade capacitor and resistors.

- We will use two Chinese NOS 6J1 tubes as standard configuration. You will have option to upgrade them to NOS 6AK5 tubes made in 1950’s.

When will it get released? Some time next month :)

4 responses to “Our next product”

  1. Ruben Rodriguez

    Will it be an upgrade to the headphone amp that the D1 currently has? Sounds pretty cool regardless.

  2. Elanzer

    Early next month? Late next month?

    I can’t wait, going to get one soon as it’s out

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