TubeMagic DAC Comparison Sheet

  • Maverick TubeMagic D2 features four digital inputs, one analog output and one tube-driven pre-amplifying analog output.
  • TubeMagic D2 is designed as a dedicated DAC. We remove all unnecessary features and components that might affect sound quality. For example, volume control is removed as any type of volume control will affect the sound quality. Volume control should be on the power Amplifier’s side.
  • All components used in the TubeMagic D2 are top-notch.¬† Analog Device AD1955 DAC chip, BurrBrown OPA2604 OpAmp, Audio grade capacitors and resistors and pro-audio Tenor 7022L USB chip.
  • If you are looking for a DAC with headphone amplifier output, volume control and analog inputs, then¬† TubeMagic D1 Plus is the choice for you.

TubeMagic D1 and D2 product comparison

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