The Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC is designed to be a pure dedicated high-end digital to analog converter. The “pure” means not a single unnecessary feature added to the processing circuit. This “minimalist” approach ensures absolute signal purity without any distractions or interference, making the TubeMagic D2 sound very natural without coloration.

Acclaimed AD1955 DAC chip paired with BurrBrown OPA 2604 OpAmp and full audio grade components
AD1955 is well-known for its excellent digital-to-analog conversion capability and extremely low noise (120db Signal-to-Noise ratio).  Every single component in the TubeMagic D2 is hand-picked by our engineers, includingthe famous BurrBrown OpAmp, audio grade capacitors and resistors. All our efforts make sure your digital music files sound the best they possibly can.

Bit-perfect USB interface
The TubeMagic D2 features the famous Tenor 7022L pro-audio USB interface chip. It will handle up to 24bit/96Khz audio transferred from your computer to the DAC bit by bit without any distortion or resampling.

Four digital audio inputs, one analog output and one tube pre-amp output.
You can plug the TubeMagic D2 into any kind of stereo setup to enjoy the refined superior sound quality.

Four digital sources (two coaxial, one optical and one USB) means that computers, laptops, network music devices, media players, game consoles, CD/DVD players and more can be connected concurrently using S/PDIF (Coaxial) , Toslink (Optical)  or USB inputs.
Two analog audio outputs (one normal analog output and one tube pre-amp output) allow you to connect the TubeMagic D2 to any type of stereo music setup – amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, active speakers, 2.1 active speakers and more.

Carefully designed analog processing circuit
Without a good analog stage, even the best quality digital music will sound dry and lifeless. After all, music will only be played in analog format via amplifiers, speakers and headphones. We spent a great deal of time to enhance the analog circuit to make sure the analog signal will sound natural, transparent and full detail.

“TubeMagic” vacuum tube preamp outputs stage
The TubeMagic D2 comes with a vacuum tube pre-amp output stage in addition to the normal solid-state audio output. Powered by a vintage vacuum tube made in 1970’s, it adds a lot of warmth and smoothness to the music, especially to Vocal and Jazz genres. Furthermore, you can use this DAC as a full functional tube preamp, adding the “tube magic” to the  four digital inputs.

High-end linear power supply
R-Core transformer is a super-regulated power circuit that purifies and enriches the digital-to-analog conversion bringing extremely pure, natural and detailed music output.

Minimalist front panel design and uncompromised build quality
100% handmade with audio grade components topped off with a brushed aluminum front panel. It not only sounds good, it also looks good.

Front panel details

Perfect companion with Maverick TubeMagic A1 Hybrid AmplifierMaverick Audio TubeMagic D2 and A1 comobo
D2 has the same form factor and style as our popular A1 Hybrid Amplifier. They have perfect synergy and when used together, they are a set of perfect matched desktop audio system to deliver an astonishing result.

Line-in cord lets you plug in your iPod
Do you want to listen to your iPod tunes in any room? Simple. Your Squeezebox Radio comes complete with a cord and built-in jack for your iPod or other MP3 player. Just plug it in and you’re ready to rock.
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