OPA-627 OpAmp upgrades now avaible for D1 and D2 DAC

“Why don’t you guys offer OpAmp (operational Amplifier) upgrade?”  That’s probably one of the  most popular requests from our customers.  So after a lot testing and comparing, we finally chose BurrBrown OPA627 single OpAmp as our OpAmp upgrade offer.

OPA627  is an incredible OpAmp and it will give  you a huge boost in the clarity and detail of the music.  You will notice the difference as soon as it is placed in your unit.

OPA627 is a single OpAmp, that means we need to solder two OPA627’s on a small PCB board in order to put it into the dual OpAmp socket of the D1 and D2. D1 uses two dual OpAmp’s ( 4 OPA 627’s) and D2 uses three dual OpAmp’s ( that’s 6 OPA 627’s). All the OpA 627’s in one unit will be carefully matched to ensure the maximum balance and sound performance.

I would recommend this upgrade to anyone in a heartbeat.

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